About the Artist

Julie Headland is a New England based painter and printmaker. Her paintings range from her signature portraits to her distinctive narrative works. Born in 1958 in Newport, Rhode Island she did her undergraduate work at George Washington University where she studied pre-law. At the same time she was preparing for a life in the law she began to take art classes at what was then called the Corcoran College of Art.  These classes in drawing, painting and printmaking became the beginning of her career as an artist and the end of her career in law. When printmaking Headland works with a Master Printer at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut. When painting she works in her studio on the grounds of her antique farmhouse in Westport, Connecticut where she lives with her husband and four children. 

ARTIST's statement

My work is intentionally influenced by art history. I see myself standing on a line with artists that came before me and imagine my works are a back and forth conversation with those artists and their works. This includes both the portraits and the narrative work. The conceptual narratives are hieroglyphic epigrams that combine cultural clues to explore an individual, a place, a concept or even a culture. Often, there is a suggestion that a piece has continuity with the past, present and future. These epigrams are paradoxical narratives of life.